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Brilliant app. Asked queries from 5 experts, got answer within hours every time and the answer were detailed which no other app provides in this cost. Predictions were quite accurate. And they were available to clear any follow up doubts also.

Astrological reports are very detailed and accurate. Had ordered an annual report from 3 different astrologers and the insights I got were really good. AstroTalk has the best astrologers from India and the provide best astrology predictions. Totally worth the money. Had a wonderful session with couple of astrologers and it was quite satisfying. They listened to me carefully and answered very patiently.

Customer support makes life very comfortable as they are always there to support. Best experience on any service app from India till date. Tried it out of desperation during bad phase of my life and it really helped as the astrologer listened to my problem like a friend and then assured me that everything will be fine and gave remedies. And when the things are good now, I use it regularly as they made me a believer.

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Brilliant user experience. From the interface to app to ease of asking a query to speaking to well spoken and experience astrologers. It was a delight. Have used many astrology apps but this is something like Uber experience. Great work. AstroTalk is really helpful for me in seeking astrology advice from England at any time.

Thanks Guys, I am really happy with the service and support I get from customer support and Astrologers.

see url Everyone is so freindy and helpful. Very good experience with the app so far. Thanks AstroTalk for being available at my worst time and motivating me to get through that phase. I am finally doing good now after Navgrah Pooja performed by them.

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The complete process was very smooth. I ll recommend it to my friends. Ask the Astrologer. Get detailed manual report. Chat with astrologer. Talk to astrologer on call. Free Kundli. Horoscope Matching.

Wealth giving planets, houses and combination in astrology A wonderful write up on analyzing wealth in horoscope. In this astrology article author has brilliantly explained all the Dhan Yogas, which are vital to attract to money. When will I get married astrology prediction? Free Marriage horoscope analysis, astrology for marriage time prediction. Ask a Question.

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They can be even foreigners. Astrological Remedies Vedic Remedies are a potent method of mitigating problems. All the above-mentioned houses are important while analyzing the relationship between marriage problems and in-laws. Now we have to check the overall strength of 7th house, its lord, Jupiter and 5th house. Due to placement of Mercury and Venus, Lagna is getting adequate strength and planets are all to set to confer her all the possible comforts, success, recognition and intelligence to make appropriate decisions at a right time. Prem Kumar Sharma is an acclaimed celebrity astrologer, looked upon by many fo I have what we call a janmakshar , a premium personalized horoscope.

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Online Horoscope. When I will get married - Astrology methods for timing of marriage. Here is a description of some of the methods we use to predict marriage time: Before predicting time of marriage, see the promise of marriage in horoscope After checking the promise, see if there is early or delayed marriage in horoscope If there is promise of marriage, one can get married during the Dasha-Bhukti of a planet related to 7th house Dasha- Bhukti of Lagna lord and 5th lord is also important Marriage can happen during the Dasha-Bhukti of Venus as it is natural significator or marriage for male natives For women Jupiter is the natural significator of marriage.